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The End of the Wayzalot



As most of you already know, we got in accident on State Route 65, in Jeffersonville, Indiana as we were about to cross the bridge into Kentucky. We were going to attend an Vintage RV Rally in Tennessee. That was not to be...we were behind a tanker truck who suddenly had to break, so did we and so did the semi behind, we missed the tanker but the semi behind got the Wayzalot and pushed the truck into the cement median....it was a huge huge accident, at 5pm, tied up traffic for many hours, I left after 4 and a half hours and the tow company didn't get the Wayzalot in their yard until after 12:30 am. They had to cut the truck from the trailer.  So the Wayzalot and the little International we pulled with for the last 11 years are gone. We have traveled about 4 months a year for the last 10 years, covered over 50,000 miles, and was in over 25 states....it was a good time for us..
Now as for us, Hardy, myself and the two dogs just crawled out of the truck and were all ok. About midnight, Hardy did find out his hurting ankle was broken in two places when he finally got to the hospital. but that is it!!!!!!!!!!!  God was watching over us, AMEN, and it was all good that we could just walk away, even the dogs were ok. Once I called the kids, Stacy, Darcy, and Rhonda drove all night and got to us about 5am, they brought a van, truck and trailer. We all slept for about 30 minutes, had breakfast and went to the pound at 8am.  By 1pm, all the fun stuff on the walls were unscrewed, clothes books and all the stuff in the trailer was salvaged and loaded....there was a LOT of stuff to take off the walls. We took all of Hardy's fun electrical parts, while he sat in the van with the dog boys.  We carried parts to him and he wrapped. He was not a happy camper sitting with all the girls doing the work. Some men would enjoy that...not Hardy. As you can see much of the Wayzalot had a lot of natural light. It also let in the downpour and wind we had for the first 2 hours...even lightening....we were soaked...and stayed that was most of the day. We left all the broken furniture and lots of other junk for the insurance men to sort out. Were home at 6pm, just 25 hours after the biggest crash I was ever in....and believe it was God looking out for us that we could all walk away. The driver behind us also was not hurt. The firemen, police and tow operators were all very helpful, had seen the Wayzalot on TV, you know on RV Crazy....
We are sad to see it go, but we are happy we could walk away from what could have been a terrible life changing event.  We closed the bridge for 5pm traffic, made all the late night news, made the local paper, The Courier-Journal, (Check with the photo gallery at courier-journal.com for additional pictures of the crash) and the grand girlies even found the web sites that told about the Wayzalot and the huge three semi accident on the 65 bridge. Hardy said we have now had our two 15 minutes of fame, one when we built the Wayzalot and one when we crashed it.....So its now 9 pm, and time for a nice hot bath..and to wear my own clothes..My clothes were in the camper, Hardys wooden drawer got tossed out so we picked up some of his clothes on the highway....and I have had his boxers on all day cause I went to the hotel with the dogs, leashes, camera case, tool boxes. and Hardy's boxers shorts. No tooth brushes, or dog food, but we had the boxer shorts....anyway that's the way it is...

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The Wayzalot

The Wayzalot, a Rollin Home, age 10 yr 7 months, of Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, had its last road trip May 11, 2010, ending in Jeffersonville, Indiana, on the 65 Bridge over the Ohio River. The Wayzalot was a Hardy Home built and completed in 1999.

During the last ten years, the Wayzalot has traveled over 50,000 miles and has been seen in over twenty two of our fifty great states of America and Canada. It has been to the east and west coast, as well as the National Road Caravan in 2006.

It was seen by thousands on the Travel Channel and at many Vintage RV functions and a variety of fund raisers, shows and every relative of mine that had a yard to park in across the country.

The Wayzalot has been home on the road to Hardy and Terry Evans and their dog boys, Cooper, Lester, Loomis, and Leo. The Wayzalot has opened many doors for the Evans and they have met thousands of great people all over this country. We have had fun travels and have made true friends. The Tin Can Tourists have provided us a home base to be with true American Spirited generous people all over the country and we will always be grateful for that.

Hardy and Terry want to thank everyone for their offers of help and their condolences. We have heard from family and friends all over the country. We have received emails and phone calls from many different states from people who have never met us but had to call with their concerns.

Hardy and I and the Dog Boys were so grateful to have walked away from this terrible accident we just can’t be very sad. We are under Gods care and He was with us as He is everyday. Our Church ladies said they prayed for us to have safe travels, but they forgot the Wayzalot. Darn!

So one door closes and we await for God’s next door to open for us… so we will be back on the road again.

P.S. Hardy wants to make a new one, the Wayzless…a little smaller, we will see… Until then…..HAPPY TRAILS

Hardy, Terry, Loomis & Leo

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