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Wayzalot and Wayzless Home Page

Our story begins in the 1970’s. Hardy and I knew Renaissance Fair artists who traveled in decorated truck campers. We always looked at each other and said “ we could do better” and kept that in mind for thirty years. Along the way we found items and said to each other “if we ever build that camper, this is going in it.”

Hardy retired from TransCore, where he worked as the toll collection maintenance manager, contracted to the Illinois Toll Way. I retired from the criminal justice field, where I was a Deputy Sheriff for Lake County, Illinois and an adult Probation Officer for the Lake County 19th Judicial Circuit.

As a couple, we have been active in antique car, truck, train and Vintage camper clubs as well as local historical societies. We enjoy meeting outsider artists and seek out the unusual. I am an artist and Hardy helps create unusual art pieces, which often include antique items and or photographs. We collect old light bulbs, big band era music, antique electrical parts, travel related items and vintage paper items.

In the 1990’s we thought we better build that truck camper before we got too old and wanted it to be ready when we retired so we could travel in it. We decided on building a fifth wheel “Rollin Home” so we could pull it with any truck. We built the “Wayzalot”, a one of a kind, cedar sided, cabin on wheels with a back porch built with an eclectic flair. And yes it did weigh a lot. We finished the Wayzalot in 1999 and traveled in it for over eleven years, over 55,000 miles in twenty three different states. We traveled from Boston to California and met great people where ever we traveled.

May 11, 2010, we had an accident between two semi tractors and that accident totaled the Wayzalot and our International Tractor . With our Wayzalot gone, we tried traveling in a vintage 1949 Glider with the Tin Can Tourist Camping Club. Hardy didn’t like it and decided to build another home made one of a kind, camper. Since we are 15 years older than when we first started the Wayzalot, a heavy 30 foot fifth wheel, I said we had to build something smaller that would be easier to pull and park.

So Hardy worked for 18 months to build the “Wayzless”, a 21 foot fifth wheel cedar sided smaller version of the Wayzalot. Its smaller but cuter. It has a green trolley top roof and front bay window with a glass mosaic window titled “ Ode to the Wayzalot”.

We have a great time in our “Rolling Home”. We travel and meet Americans all across the country, who have the real Spirit of America .

This web site is designed to tell our story and hope it will encourage you to do your own thing and build something that is completely yours. We have had a great ride with these two “home made” just for us trailers, first the Wayzalot and now the smaller Wayzless, (which really does weigh less).

Please roam through the site and enjoy your visit. You can click on the “ Contact Us” with any questions.

Here is a video about our story from the Travel Channel


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